I saw the future!
— Booker to Levi[src]

Booker Baxter-Carter is the deuteragonist of Raven's Home. He is the son of Raven Baxter and her ex-husband, Devon Carter, as well as the twin brother of Nia Baxter.

Booker is portrayed by Issac Brown.


Booker is overly confident, but lovable and has a knack for getting in trouble because of his newly found psychic powers. Additionally, he's known to be a chronic liar, constantly telling tall tales to make himself look good.



Booker is clairvoyant and frequently has "visions", which allow him to see into the future and see what may happen next. However, most visions are vague and he unable to "see"everything that might happen in the near future. This causes him to wonder on what her visions really mean, in which case his attempts to change these upcoming events end up either making it happen or making it worse.


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  • Initially, it was reported that Nia was going to be psychic, but it was later confirmed that Booker was going to be the twin who inherits Raven's visions.


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