I need more tape! I think I can save him!
— Chelsea to Levi[src]
Chelsea Ophelia Daniels-Grayson is a main character and the deuteragonist in Raven's Home. She is the mother of Levi Grayson and the best friend of Raven Baxter. They both move in with Raven and her twins after she divorces her husband, Garret.


Set years after the original show, Chelsea is now a divorced mother to her son Levi. She made a fortune after inventing the "Schmop," but her fortune was stolen by her husband, Garrett Grayson. Later he fell in love with a federal agent and left her. Garret was eventually arrested for tax evasion. She and her son move in Raven, also a divorced mother.


Same to That's So Raven, Chelsea maintains her red hair and now wears very mature style clothing.


  • Originally, Raven and her kids were to live with a new character named Sarah and her son Levi. However, once Anneliese van der Pol agreed to reprise her role, Chelsea was added instead. [1]
  • Chelsea majored in Interpretive Dance in college, and minored in Theatre Arts.
  • Garret also stole all of Chelsea's money, which she made by selling her invention, the "Schmop," as stated in Baxter's Back!
  • It is seen that Chelsea is close friends with Principal Wentworth, even calling him by his first name.
  • She is often Raven's voice of reason.
  • She very rarely calls Raven by her name and prefers to call her 'Rae'.
  • She was a Three-Toed Sloth for Halloween.


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