Just Call Me Vic is the seventeenth episode in Season 2 of Raven's Home and the thirtieth overall. It first aired on October 26, 2018 to 0.78 million viewers.


Shorthanded without Chelsea, Grandpa Baxter shows up to help with the chores to make Raven's life easier, but only ends up making everyone's lives more difficult.


Main Cast

Special Guest Star

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jason Rogel as Sebastian
  • Shalini Bathina as Andrea

Absent Cast


  • Sebastian becomes Raven's intern in this episode. This is continued in future episodes starting with New Dog, Old Trick.
  • Raven starts to struggle balancing her Ravenous business and Scüt rides. She got the idea of the Ravenous fashion line in Sleevemore Part Three: Future.
  • Chelsea leaves for a job in this episode, which explains why she's missing in future episodes.
  • Victor mentions Tanya (not by name) and The Chill Grill.
  • Sebastian mentions Donna Cabonna as well as Paisley, both of whom were Raven's bosses in past episodes of the show and its predecessor, That's So Raven.


  • This episode filmed on June 8, 2018.
  • This is the first appearance of Sebastian, the Baxters' neighbor, who becomes Raven's assistant, who will recur for the rest of the season.
  • Levi's drone from The Baxters Get Bounced appears.
  • In this episode, all the main characters have internal monologues with themselves.
  • Raven mentions her dislike of clowns from Fears of a Clown.
  • A major figure from Raven's past, her father, Victor, visits (revealed by Raven-Symoné on the 6/22/18 episode of The Talk).
  • Jason Rogel had a recurring role as "Leo" with Raven-Symoné in the series State of Georgia.
  • Curtis and The Guntz live in an adjacent apartment building.
  • This is the third time a character called "Andrea" appears in the Raven franchise, previously, in That's So Raven, the name was given to Raven's cousin and one of Eddie's girlfriends.
  • Chelsea gets a job teaching young inventors on a Caribbean cruise ship for two months, explaining her absence in upcoming episodes.
  • Chelsea has missed six episodes.  
  • Nia states it is National Book Month (which is October).
  • Although the kids claim they are following the list, doing the laundry is not on it.
  • Chelsea's CHORE LIST:
    • VACUUM
    • TAKE OUT TRASH (Wed.)
  • This episode mirrors events of That's So Raven:
    • Sebastian is a fan of Raven's designs just like how Raven was a fan of Donna Cabonna's designs.
    • Sebastian becomes Raven's unpaid intern just as how Raven was Donna Cabonna's unpaid intern.
  • In the original script:
    • Sebastian mentions Donna Cabonna along with Paisley.
    • Sebastian also mentions Raven designed a flower pot hat for Chance the Rapper.
    • Tess tries to get Sebastian to take a book on Basketball, but he refuses.
    • Andrea was hit with mashed potatoes.
    • The final scene where Raven hires Sebastian was set inside her Scüt car. 


Raven's Home - Just Call Me Vic

Raven's Home - Just Call Me Vic


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