Why are you never in your own apartment?
— Levi to Tess

Levi Mahalo Grayson is one of the main characters of Raven's Home. He is the son of Chelsea Grayson and Garret Grayson. Levi is wise beyond-his-years and is known to be quite shy in front of others, except his family.

He is portrayed by Jason Maybaum.


Levi is savvy and wise-beyond-his-years, he is shown to be smarter than his mother. He gets shy around those he's not comfortable around, but is confident and cheery around his family.


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  • His parents gave Levi the middle name "Mahalo," a Hawaiian greeting, because he was conceived there while the Graysons were visiting the islands.
  • Since he's a lot smarter than his mom he tells her to make good choices, instead of the other way around.
  • He reads his mom bedtime stories.
  • In one episode he's afraid to go to school because they're playing dodgeball in gym class.
  • He pees when he feels trapped.
  • He's in the 4th grade.
  • He always orders pizza when his mom grills.
  • In his old room, he had a bunch of cool stuff, including a trampoline, a halfpipe and a pinball machine.
  • At his old house, he used to drink sparkling pineapple juice.
  • He wore Nia's bras for a while, because he thought that they were his tank tops which his mom had shrunk in the wash.
  • When his mom gets lost at the mall, he tracks her phone to find her.
  • He enjoys being an only child given that his mother doesn't have to play favourites.
  • According to Chelsea, Garrett's departure from the family was really hard on Levi.


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