— Mitch's Customary Greeting
What do you want?!
— Mitch's Door Greeting

Mitchell J. "Mitch" Moseley is a recurring antagonist on Raven's Home. He is the son of the new owner of 352 Hauser Avenue and is in charge whenever his father isn't around. He is portrayed by Dylan Martin Frankel.


Mitch is a quick to anger type of guy and despises the Baxters because he thinks that they want to give him a bad time as the new owner. His punishments are cruel as he banned Chelsea from using the laundry for five weeks or not listening to Booker, Nia and Levi's list of complaints. He is also very sneaky due to Levi not noticing him when he was hidden in the laundry. However, he is a coward despite the power he seemingly holds, and he will only give in to others' demands when he's vulnerable


Not much is known about Mitch but it is assumed that his father bought the apartment and moved to Chicago. In Cop To It, his father laves the day-to-day responsibilities to Mitch who is happy to accept. He starts on the wrong foot with Raven after he hears Tess joking about him and mistakes the voice for Raven. He bans Raven's apartment from using the laundry for one week which excels to five weeks by the end of the episode and refuses to listen to Booker, Nia and Levi's suggestions for the building causing Nia to spray-paint on the apartment's dumpsters which she later confesses about to everyone. At the end of the episode, Raven blackmails him into listening to the kid's suggestions.



  • Initially, Mitch and his father's last names were originally the Rothschilds.
  • When asked what other character she would like to play as, Raven responded that she would love to play as Mitch.
  • Mitch Moseley's character was announced by Raven at the Disney Channel GO! Fan Fest.
  • Mitch's father is the new owner of the building and leaves the day-to-day responsibilities in the hands of Mitch.
  • He enjoys sewing, but apparently is not very good at it.
  • He loves Weirder Things so much that he convinced his dad to create a replica of the Topsy-Turvy World set in the building's boiler room.
  • Mitch's secret about the building already having a working elevator was uncovered by the girls in Head Over Wheels.
  • For undisclosed reasons, Mitch possesses a costume of General George Washington.
  • Head Over Wheels firmly establishes that all the residents hate him.
  • He has dubbed his room "Mitchtopia."



And pay the rent on time!
— Mitch in Cop To It


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