Nia Baxter-Carter is the tritagonist of Raven's Home. She is the daughter of Raven Baxter and her ex-husband, Devon Carter, as well as the twin sister of Booker Baxter.

Nia is portrayed by Navia Robinson.


Nia is independent, no-nonsense and good in science and as she is starting middle school, she wants privacy.


  • Initially, it was reported that Nia was going to be psychic, but it was later confirmed that Booker was going to be the twin who inherits Raven's visions.
  • Originally, she was going to be older than Booker by two years.
    • For Nia's original sides, click here.
  • She and Tess wore makeup to school to impress Shannon, the popular girl.
  • In "Dream Moms", Nia explained that when doing homework, her computer will often auto-correct "Nia" to "Narnia.".


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