Paisley was a recurring character in Raven's Home. She is a fashion designer and was the former boss of Raven.


Paisley has a lazy personality, she'd make her workers do extra work so she'd get time off, at one point she made Raven dog-sit.


Season 1


  • Raven worked at her canine fashion studio for over 3 years.
    Paisley Canine Fashion Studio

    Paisley's Canine Fashion Studio

  • She thinks Nia and Booker are dogs.
  • Her assistant is named Jessica.
  • She is planning a canine wedding between her dog and the one owned by "the Mayor."
  • She plans to have Raven care for her dog at her apartment for an extended stay.
  • She values Raven's skills, but still has no qualms in exploiting her whenever possible.
  • She and Raven parted ways in Vest in Show.


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