What happened? I didn't do it! Why are you coming at me like that?
— Tess to Booker[src]

Tess is one of the main characters of Raven's Home. She is the best friend and neighbor of Booker and Nia Baxter.


Tess is described as an urban tomboy. She often says things impulsively, not realizing what she's said until after she's said it. She's sometimes dim-witted. There are times where she's also sassy, bossy, but little you know she actually has a soft side for her friends and family.


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In In-Vision of Privacy, it is shown that Tess has a crush on her classmate, Jordan.

In Fears of a Clown, both Tess and Nia are shown to have a crush on Booker and Levi’s new friend, Wally.


  • Tess believes in psychics.
  • She lives across the hall from the Baxter's and the Daniels.
  • Her makeup inspiration is Lady Gaga (as stated in You're Gonna Get It.)
  • Her mom lost her license after she crashed into three mailboxes.
  • She used to petsit a hamster called 'Winky'.
  • She once claims to have an older sister only for Nia to correct her saying she doesn't have an older sister. This implies that Tess is an only child.
  • Tess is a talented rapper. She enjoys rapping and writing songs. Tess dreams of becoming a rapper.
  • Tess is similar to Eddie Thomas from "That's So Raven" as they're both rappers.
  • In the episode Adventures in Mommy-Sitting, Tess makes reference to her uncle being able to get rid of any stain. By way she talks, he's a crime scene cleaner.
  • Chelsea mentions Tess's dad has an 18 wheeler. This implies Tess's parents are divorced as her father was picking the kids up to go to school. Either this or her parents weren't Married or they were separated or he was simply somewhere else before picking up the kids such as work.
  • Tess' mother is never seen or heard.


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