This! This is why we can't have nice things.
Levi to Booker and Nia

The Bearer of Dad News is the fourth episode in Season 1 of Raven's Home and the fourth episode overall. It first aired on August 11, 2017 to 1.35 million viewers.[1]


When Raven has a vision of Booker and Nia being upset over their dad’s move, she goes overboard trying to do all of the fun activities Devon normally did with the kids.[2]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jordan Black as Carnie

Absent cast


  • This story continues plot-wise from Big Trouble in Little Apartment.
  • The episode is a reference to the saying, "The Bearer of Bad News".
  • The Navy Pier is an actual Chicago landmark along the shore of Lake Michigan.
  • This is the first episode a cast member is absent, this being Tess.
  • "Boyz N Motion" are indirectly referenced within this episode.
  • Devon has moved to Dallas, Texas.
  • It's revealed that Booker has a big head.


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