Gunner "The Guntz" Guntzenheimer is a recurring character on Raven's Home. He is a student at George Washington Carver Community School. He does not prefer to use his given name, and is known by all simply as "The Guntz." His best friend is Curtis, although he is friends with Booker and is getting to know Levi. The Guntz is portrayed by Nathan Blaiwes.


The Guntz is simple, fun-loving and likes to laugh--especially at his friends, although not in a particularly mean fashion.


Season 2



  • His mother is a skilled professional baker, and apparently dabbles in wrestling.
  • His full name as Gunner Guntzenheimer was revealed in Winners and Losers.
  • He and Curtis have Science and Math classes with Booker.
  • He plays the trumpet.
  • He loves to eat Italian subs.
  • He and Curtis live in an apartment building near 352 Hauser Avenue.
  • He and Zeena were former Carver Ambassadors.
  • Nathan also plays "Goofus" on Walk The Prank on DisneyXD.


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